Complete List of Retail Stores Closing in 2020

See all of the retailers that are permanently closing the most stores in 2020, starting with the biggest announcements.

Updated 6/18/2021

Tracking Total Retail Closures Since 2008

2008 - 2020 Retail Bankruptcy and Store Closure List

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Zales Jewelers 100 12/29/2008 No

Piercing Pagoda has grown from a single retail location to roughly 780 kiosks today. As the nation's largest specialty kiosk retailer, Piercing Pagoda has a history of serving and satisfying jewelry customers with its extensive selection of popularly priced 10K and 14K gold chains, charms, bracelet...   Read more

100 stores closed
Z Gallerie 44 1/5/2019 Yes

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Z Gallerie is the style authority for the chic home. Since 1979, we have inspired interior designers and stylish influencers with cutting edge design and sophisticated, accessible furnishings. Each season, we offer the latest ideas in furniture, art, home decor and ent...   Read more

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Yum! Brands 40 7/14/2020 No

KFC outlet, which prepares and sells chicken and other menu items

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40 stores closed
Yankee One Dollar Stores 25 12/12/2014 No
Xpect Grocery Store 3 6/25/2015 No
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Wolverine Worldwide 80 12/12/2014 No
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Artificial Intelligence powered retail closure predictions

At Retailsphere we track all retail closures nationwide. In fact, we track and log every closure by date, time and the specific details of every closure. While tracking and scraping data on each individual closure, some unique conclusions and trends become evident. Not all closures are created equally. Our artificial intelligence algorithms work behind the scenes to create lists of data points so you can make informed decisions crucial for a retail-focused business. Are your tenants or clients on the verge of closing their doors? Do you have a bad pairing of shopping center and tenant based on demographics? There are retailers more likely to go dark then others. How long after a major bankruptcy announcement before an individual unit closes its doors?

These are just some of the questions we are generating answers for at Retailsphere.

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