Complete List of Retail Stores Closing in 2020

See all of the retailers that are permanently closing the most stores in 2020, starting with the biggest announcements.

Updated 6/18/2021

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2008 - 2020 Retail Bankruptcy and Store Closure List

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Pacific Theatres 17 6/18/2021 Yes

Pacific Theatres has been an industry pioneer, even winning the 1978 Academy Award for Technical Achievement for its Cine-Fi sound system, which allowed drive-in moviegoers to receive soundtrack audio on their car radios. Founded almost 70 years ago, Pacific has grown into one of the leading region...   Read more

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17 stores closed
McDonald's USA, LLC 1184 4/9/2021 No

McDonald’s restaurants offer the public a high standard of quality and uniformity in food, service, and decor. McDonald’s restaurants are located in freestanding buildings, storefronts, food courts, and other locations that are appropriate to McDonald’s image. A grant of a McDonald’s franchise au...   Read more

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884 stores closed
200 stores closed
100 stores closed
The Collected Group 33 4/5/2021 Yes
Pep Boys 259 3/31/2021 No

Pep Boys associates love cars. And we know that everybody needs someone they trust to take care of their cars and get them back on the road safely. Our mission is to take care of people... and their cars. Putting customers first puts us in first place. That's what it means to be Pep Boys. Are you b...   Read more

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33 stores closed
63 stores closed
63 stores closed
100 stores closed
11 3/18/2021 Yes
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11 stores closed
Fossil 65 3/15/2021 No

Fossil Group, Inc. is a global design, marketing, distribution and innovation company specializing in lifestyle accessories. Under a diverse portfolio of owned and licensed brands, our offerings include fashion watches, jewelry, handbags, small leather goods and wearables. With our newest owned bra...   Read more

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These are just some of the questions we are generating answers for at Retailsphere.

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